Aruga Resort & Residences – Mactan is Rockwell’s first premiere residential-resort progress. Flee to your cut of the tropical lifestyle in residential and hotel towers, or villas conveying a 200-meter comprehensive beachfront built for the flawless getaway.
Started in 2014, Aruga was Rockwell’s premier hotel and residence. It has since then found accomplishment in offering guests their signature brand of extravagance, with well-appointed apartments and top-level service. This lifestyle will now soon find its way in Mactan, with a spacious five-hectare enclave that covers a broad space of the Punta Engaño beachside.
By seamlessly combining its hotel and residential areas, residents and guests are had the money for the perks of resort living associated with Rockwell’s signature sense. Rooms extent from one- to four-bedroom units that participate patrons up to 292 square meters of their own personal area. Beachfront villas are likewise attainable for the taking, and each comes with its own private pool. Apart from these comfortable housings, one also has access to a fortune of amenities: gym and yoga studios, function rooms, glistening pools, and a chapel by the shore.
long of private white beach Delivering a wide capacity of units to choose from 1-bedroom units to 4-bedroom units, you and your family can find the piece of paradise that fulfills your lifestyle.
Imagine a place where you can enjoy the wonder of nature and dusting off beach sand from your feet– but with all the comforts of your own home. In other words, why leave the city to move to the beach when you can just bring the city with you?
You’re probably thinking you have to be prosperous to buy an island or else settle for a property in a packed beachfront in order to realize this dream. Fortunately, there are Aruga resort residences located in Mactan that offer the same experience but without the hefty price tag.
Blending the best of both worlds (resort settling with a property that you can own), Aruga resort residences can be defined as wholly-owned private properties located within a full-service resort.
Brilliant, relaxing, and peaceful —these are often said of times spent on the beach, while one finds respite by the beach. To convey the calmness of the sea together with the conveniences of a home, Rockwell Land launches its primary residential resort development, Aruga Resort, and Residences – Mactan.
Aruga Mactan Resort & Residences is placed at Punta Engaño Rd, Lapu-Lapu City. With it’s accessibility to Mactan-Cebu International Airport and the on-going structure of Cordova-Cebu Link Expressway(Cebu’s 3rd Bridge), Aruga Mactan is a top-notch project in terms of investment.
A special getaway turned into an elegant and luxurious piece of real estate, Aruga Mactan will go on continuing to convey its signature lifestyle to Mactan with its large units, carefully crafted amenities, and full services. What compels Aruga diverse from numerous properties manufactured by Rockwell is that everything that compels Cebu and Mactan extraordinary will be incorporated into this remarkable lifestyle adventure.
• Wellness Center
• Jacuzzi
• Treatment rooms
• Sauna
• Fitness Center
• 2 Dining Areas
• Swimming Pool
• Children’s Play Area
• Multimedia Room
Unit Layouts
1-Bedroom Unit
Typical Unit Layout / Unit M
Living/Dining/Kitchen 30 SM
Master Bedroom 19 SM
T & B 11 SM
Balcony 7 SM
2-Bedroom Unit Typical Unit Layout / Unit H
Living/Dining 26 SM
Kitchen 8 SM
Master Bedroom 16 SM
Master – T & B 10 SM
Bedroom 1 15 SM
Bedroom 1 – T & B 7 SM
Maid’s Room 4 SM
Maid’s – T & B 2 SM
Powder Room 4 SM
Balcony 9 SM
2-Bedroom Suite Typical Unit Layout / Unit D
Living/Dining 38 SM
Kitchen 12 SM
Hallway 3 SM
Master Bedroom 17 SM
Walk-in Closet 9 SM
Master Bedroom Balcony 7 SM
Bedroom 1 18 SM
Bedroom 1 – T & B 5 SM
Maid’s Room 5 SM
Maid’s Room– T & B 3 SM
Powder Room 4 SM
Balcony 10 SM
3-Bedroom Unit Typical Unit Layout / Unit J
Living/Dining 39 SM
Kitchen 9 SM
Hallway 3 SM
Master Bedroom 28 SM
Master T&B 11 SM
Master Bedroom Balcony 7 SM
Bedroom 1 15 SM
Bedroom 1 T&B 5 SM
Bedroom 2 24 SM
Bedroom 2 T&B 7 SM
Maid’s Room 7 SM
Maid’s – T & B 2 SM
Powder Room 3 SM
Balcony 13 SM
4-Bedroom Unit Typical Unit Layout / Unit C
Living/Dining 86 SM
Kitchen 20 SM
Master Bedroom 37 SM
Walk-in Closet 7 SM
Master T&B 14 SM
Bedroom 1 23 SM
Bedroom 1 T&B 6 SM
Bedroom 2 24 SM
Bedroom 2 T&B 6 SM
Bedroom 3 24 SM
Bedroom 3 T&B 6 SM
Maid’s Room 7 SM
Maid’s – T & B 2 SM
Powder Room 5 SM
Storage Pantry 7 SM
Terrace (Covered)20 SM
Terrace (Uncovered)(115 SM)
Filling out the calming atmosphere by the seaside, the property’s available areas are embellished by manicured terraces, maintaining the area dispassion and energizing. The hotel and residential areas are seamlessly integrated, conveying the promising experience for guests and homeowners likewise.
Submerge yourself in peace. Drift into your private vicinity of peace as you take a dip in the pool, chaperoned by a panoramic picture from every aspect. Leisure is utilized as a level in our facilities. Render moment or your physical wellness a the private gym, complete with the latest in fitness equipment. Or make extraordinary recollections at our exclusively serviced function rooms. The line along with the congenial peculiarity of the island, Aruga Mactan Resort, and Residences is an adaptable residential perception that blends the perks of resort satisfaction with Rockwell’s signature organization property. Wander along the shore, sand cushioning your every step and the water caressing your toes. With 200 meters of private shores, you are shrouded in privacy.
Dwell and escape in its tropical contentment.



Location : Lapu-Lapu City, Mactan island Cebu

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