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The Mazari Cove  Tiyara Casita – Floor Area: 230-430 sqm, 3Master’s Bedrooms, 3 Toilet and Bath

Model Description

Discover a home that is delightfully private and the atmosphere casually elegant. Sink into the splendors of nature and the seabreeze that surround you and fall in love with the cozy interiors. Built for your exclusive use and your guests, this home embraces a nurturing philosophy.
A sense of wonder, romance and tranquility. Paradise found at the Tiyara Casita Standard.
Tiyara Casita. The signature home of The Enclave. Each casita includes a large bedroom, a dressing area, separate bath and shower, and an outdoor living area with sun deck. Elevated walkways connect the Tiyara Casitas to the subdivision’s “resort” amenities.
The Tiyara Casita has an ample supply of nature as it has the most spectacular views of the Cebu Strait on the east side and of the mountains of Naga on the west rendering the element of “feng shui” in every Tiyara Casita.

The home that personifies the art of Living Well…

The Mazari Cove Pricelist as of June 1- July 30, 2016

The Mazari Cove Sales Site Map as of June 22, 2016