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The Mazari Cove  Sangya –  3 Master’s Bedrooms, 2 Toilet and Bath

Model Description

Experience the splendor, the grandeur, the intrigue and the allure of Sangya. Hailed as one of our best designed house for Mazari Cove, this house has been widely praised for its well thought-of floor plan, exquisite details, exemplary architecture and extraordinary spaces for gala celebrations. Step out of your world and into a timeless sanctuary with the Sangya.

 Lot Code  Lot Area (square meter) Remarks
M-065, M-359, 75 All available  SOLD
M-245-A, M-245-B 80 All available  SOLD
M-419 97 Available  SOLD
M-418 98 Available  SOLD
M-189 100 Available  SOLD
M-030 154 Available  SOLD
M-283 173 Available – Ready For Occupancy FOR SALE

The Mazari Cove Pricelist as of June 1- July 30, 2016

The Mazari Cove Sales Site Map as of June 22, 2016