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The Mazari Cove  Ariana –  Floor Area 40 sqm, 2 Master’s Bedrooms, 1 Toilet and Bath

Model Description
Uncover a great starter home that fits for your family’s needs yet without having you to reach far more than for your means. The Ariana is true to its name as “the silver”. This pleasant home is very playful, lively and evokes a feeling of simple riches fitting for a hardworking person like you. Live carefree, live a light-filled life everyday.

 Lot Code  Lot Area (square meter) Remarks
M-035, M-036, M-037, M-038, M-090, M-091, M-092,
M-093,M-096, M-111, M-112, M-113, M-122, M-123,
M-124, M-129, M-130, M-131, M-148, M-149,
M-150, M-191, M-193, M-194, M-208, M-237-B,
M-238, M-239, M-240, M-261, M-262, M-263,
M-279, M-280, M-281, M-287, M-288, M-290,
M-320, M-321, M-322, M-323
35 All available
 M-205, M-206, M-207, M-250, 36 All available
 M-251 37 Available
 M-095, M-114 53 All available
 M-195, M-204, M-241, M-264, 55 All available
 M-237-A 67 Available