TIVOLI CONDO with freebies to buyers?

To condo investors, would you consider the following freebies offered by TIVOLI CONDOMINIUM really free things on top of your condo purchase? Please let me hear your thoughts on comments down below.

Here are the general freebies mentioned by the marketing officer, Ms. Sheryl:

  • FREE APPLIANCES (selected items)

Another Freebies for our 1st,2nd,3rd, and 4th buyer of  TIVOLI CONDO 3 Bedroom Units :

  • 1st buyer – complete set of children mattress with bed box,pillow,bed sheet and closet (pink color) by Mandaue Foam
  • 2nd buyer – double mattress with bed box , mattress and pillows by Mandaue Foam
  • 3rd buyer – American Home Microwave oven
  • 4th buyer – Braun Coffer Maker

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To this month update, they offered 5% discount of the Total Contract Price of all condo units until April, 2016. The available condo units for sale are mostly 3 Bedroom Units and  only 1 Bedroom Unit left while the 4 Bedroom Units were sold out already. I asked the owner of this condominium property why there are many 3 Bedroom units compared to 1 Bedroom units. She said, they targeted mostly family users for this condominium since the location is strategically located to universities, international schools (Cebu International School, Woodridge International School) and malls in Cebu. So I think this is a profitable investment of doing rental business of your condo units around this area.

Location: Nasipit Talamban, Cebu Philippines
1-Ride to Gaisano Mall Talamban, University of San Carlos Main & Talamban, University of Cebu, Gaisano Country Mall, Banilad Town Center, University of Visayas, Colon, UV Gullas College, JY Center Mall, Ayala Mall, Park Mall.

One thing this condominium is really livable because the floor to ceiling clearance is 3.2 meters so definitely air flows freely. I experienced the ambient temperature when I get inside their 3 Bedroom model house at the condominium building itself during our site tour yesterday.

For interested parties, I do have the current Official Pricelist to send right away in case you want to see it. Contact Me Now!



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